The Kenya Project

For the past few weeks, the Global Citizenship Team has been working closely with our sister school in Kenya. Students from Blackrock and Holy Ghost school were reunited virtually via Zoom to plan readings and prepare for our celebration to come. This was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect. Students on both sides were reminded of the shared experiences which connect us, despite our cultural differences. Whilst land, sea and sports affiliation (Liverpool or Man Utd) may keep us apart, we are united in spirit and community.

On the 2nd of February, Blackrock College and Holy Ghost School took part in a collaboration mass to celebrate our shared Spiritan ethos and our unique cultures. Students who travelled to Kenya on the immersion trip last February took part in readings and music. The mass was hosted by Fr. John Wambu in the Chapel on the site of Holy Ghost Secondary school and online. The mass was recorded and can be viewed on the College website.

“Everyone should feel a common responsibility.” On the Global Citizenship Committee, we could not agree more. We are guided by the UN’s SDGs, looking at how we can implement changes in Blackrock College and outside to our wider community and society. To date, we have held our first workshops with our friends in Kenya as well as attending the virtual Lieberman day mass, which was thoroughly enjoyable for all. We have also interviewed our 5th years who traveled to Kenya last year about their experience.

Our ultimate goal is that through the interviews we have done with our fifth years and the Kenyan students we will have produced enough content for a full-length video, which can showcase how the holy ghost school students and the BlackRock college school students are able to overcome any differences and promote unity amongst all people across the globe, regardless of the distances between us or the obstacles that may be in our way. Throughout the coming weeks we hope to interact more with the Kenyan students to create our video and strengthen the ties between our two schools and two countries.

Holy Ghost School’s interview video

Blackrock College’s interview video