Bottle Cap Project

There has been a surge in plastic usage in recent times, an act that is incredibly dangerous to our environment. To raise awareness, the Global Citizenship Committee created the Bottle-cap Mural Project, where we collect and use bottle-caps to create different flags of countries all around the world.

This allowed the team to explore Sustainable Development Goals 12 Responsible Consumption and Production and Sustainable Development Goal 13 Climate Action. We also found this to be a great chance to represent the bond between Blackrock College and Holy Ghost School in Kenya.

This project could not be completed without the help from Café shops in the Blackrock area, specifically Parlour, McDonalds, Kay’s Kitchen, Café Nero, Shaka Poké, Sisi@Central Café, Butler’s Café, Starbucks, Insomnia, The Wooden Spoon, Bear Market Coffee, The Vanilla Pod, Hatch Coffee, Lazy Days Café and On A Platter, who have all very kindly agreed to collecting bottle-caps for us each week. When completed, these murals will be exhibited at the front of the school on large display boards.