The Blackrock College Global Citizenship Committee

Here at the GCC we are Blackrock college’s main focus for all things to do with sustainability and and equality amongst the people inside and outside the school. This student ran website is the main hub for all of our activities and is a way to keep up with what the GCC is doing.

About Us

Learn more about the GCC and the kinds of things you can expect to see from it.

Our Goals

The goals our community lives by and strives to achieve. All of our projects are based in these goals.

Bottle Cap Project

A project currently underway, being driven by the Class of 2024, aiming to create bottle cap murals.

GCC Podcast

Listen in to our podcast today! with episodes featuring special guests with expert opinions to give.

The Eco-Brick Project

Our project to promote recycling amongst the student body and to cut down on our plastic waste.

The Kenya Project

Our ways of communicating and interacting with our sister school in Kenya, regardless Covid-19.